Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

In achieving its own growth objectives, SIAD considers respect for values, principles and rules of conduct (both inside and outside of the company) to be fundamental. All this in addition to ensuring it remains compliant with current legal requirements.

Apart from conducting its own activities in a responsible manner, SIAD runs an effective safety policy which fully supports environmental protection.

This commitment is confirmed by Siad Healthcare’s support of the Responsible Care® Programme.

1. Code of Ethics

SIAD’s growth and market success have consistently been in compliance with the group’s core principles and values based on transparency and clarity, which means strict legal compliance, respect for employees, customers, vendors and shareholders, fair competition, a commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection, and operations in line with the principles of social accountability.

2. SIAD Whistleblowing

SIAD has made a digital platform available to all permanent and temporary employees (hereinafter collectively “Employees“) of SIAD group companies (an individual SIAD company hereinafter the “Company”) in order to report and/or raise concerns of suspected misconduct and illegal activities occurring in the organization.

According to the legislative decree 46/97 and the Ministry of Health Guide Lines from 17th February 2010, the promotional content concerning SIAD Healthcare products are restricted to clinical professionals. More details.