The world of innovation within your reach.

Public and private healthcare have always looked to Siad Healthcare for its experience. The Company has proved to be more than a simple supplier of technology; in more than half a century, it has gained unique experience. Siad Healthcare boasts the strength of its past, made up of continuous research and development aimed at achieving excellence. But it is thanks to its natural aptitude for innovation that Siad Healthcare has become a reference partner for all of its customers: the Company’s technology goes from neurosurgery to cardio-surgery, from mini-invasive to plastic and reconstructive surgery, from haematology to transfusion medicine, from cryobiology to the realization of cryopreservation banks, classified laboratories and medical gases distribution systems. Siad Healthcare is also part of the Siad Group. Working with us will make you feel like you are holding the whole world in your hand.

1. Certifications

SIAD Healthcare has shown its commitment to guarantee the safety towards its Customers and patients, achieving the UNI EN ISO Quality and Safety Certificates.

According to the legislative decree 46/97 and the Ministry of Health Guide Lines from 17th February 2010, the promotional content concerning SIAD Healthcare products are restricted to clinical professionals. More details.